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What Is A Real CrossFitter?

See the photos above.  Wouldn’t it be great if that was all I had to say on this topic?  I hardly ever run out things to say on topics like this.  I wanted to have a go at answering this question because I hear people say all the time, “I can’t do pull ups, so I’m not a Real CrossFitter.” or “I can’t do the workout on the board as is, so I’m not yet a Real CrossFitter.”  or “I could never be like the people on the main site, so I’ll never be a Real CrossFitter.”  The first quality of Real CrossFitters is that they do Constantly Varied, Functional Movements performed at High Intensity.  Have you come to a couple of our workouts?  Then you are (or have been) a Real CrossFitter.  Have you stayed after a workout and tried to get a little higher on the pull up bar?  Then you are a Real CrossFitter.  Have you been coming for weeks and months even though it hurts and you are sore and you feel like you will be sick when you are in the middle of a workout?  Then you are a Real CrossFitter.  Have you stuck with something that was your nemesis until you got some, like a set of 5 unbroken pushups?  Then you are a Real CrossFitter.  Have you found yourself telling completely uninterested people you hardly know about your workout?  Real CrossFitter.  Have you called us later in the day after your workout to see if anyone beat your time?  Real CrossFitter.  Do you say, at the end of your workout, “This is the hardest thing I have ever done.” and then you make an appointment to come back in a day or two?  Very Real.  Have you started your first set of blisters?  Real.  Have you used your body for things you never imagined you could?  Real deal.  There is no magic achievement or level of performance or body fat percentage that makes you a Real CrossFitter.  Showing up, giving it your all, struggling, succeeding, being disappointed, getting excited and working to improve your accuracy, agility, coordination, balance, flexibility, endurance, stamina, strength, speed and power makes you a Real CrossFitter.  Our, your, gym is packed full of Real CrossFitters.   Awesome.

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12 comments to What Is A Real CrossFitter?

  • Nikki Charns

    I must be a real crossfitter as I have been dreaming or fantsizing lets say about doing more olympic lifitng, or maybe I just need to get my head examined. LOL I am so happy to be apart of such an amazing, supportive and fun group of real crossfitters! Nikki

  • Dustin Eiler

    You know what I can really say is an enjoyable experience at crossfit is watching others around you transform. I get to see myself everyday so why I know the results are there I don’t see them as big changes. But every time I go in and see the same faces it is like they are attached to different bodies. I mean Ryan and Ellie alone are two people I see a couple of times a week, and each time the changes are so dynamic in a really positive way. I actually didn’t recognize Ryan the other day, and I am being 100% honest I almost walked up and reintroduced myself. Being a crossfitter comes with a reputation and responsibility that I am always honored to try to live up too, especially in this gym where your fellow gym rats become like family, just the family that likes to see you sore and in pain, sort of like thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws, but still you know the love is there.

  • Ryan Spivey

    CrossFit’s changed my life. I dread the drive to the gym most of the time, but once I get there, I feel better when I see some of the friends I’ve made. And of course, it ALWAYS feels great to get your name up on that board after completing an especially grueling workout.

  • Briar Martin

    I think what I like the most is the camraderie I feel with all of the other people in the class. When we did Kelly on Wed I thought I was going to throw up! But I looked over at Maggie boxjumping her pregnant butt and Ellie kicking mine on wall balls and thought, “Okay we are all in this together, I will try to finish if they are trying to finish.” And we did. Dustin is right, it feels like a family and I am so proud when each person reaches a personal best.

    And by the way, I know we are Crossfitters now because my family has told Waylon and I that they don’t want to hang out with us anymore because all we do is talk about Crossfit!

  • Franz

    LOVE the article, it was linked off our CF site. (CrossFit Regina)
    I think that when you start having dreams about CF you are a true hardcore crossfitter. LOL I remeber nights pre Fran WODs where I would do Fran all night in my dreams and I’d wake up exhausted and have to go to the gym and actually do Fran! LOL
    We have a saying for it in out gym, OCD = obsessive crossfit disorder

  • Franz

    and I should’ve proof read that last post….

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  • Well said, great article.

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  • What a great article. Puts everyone’s amazing efforts into perspective; fire-breathers and newbies alike;)

    I’ve posted the link on our site at Crossfit Orillia.

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