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Front Squat Wrist Pain? Fix it.

You know how CrossFit has those ten elements of fitness we are always yakking about?  Remember those first few on the list?  Flexibility, Coordination, Balance, Accuracy.  Ughh.  Those are really not the fun ones are they?  Some of you get knotted up about bear walks and one-leg balances in the warm ups because you fall over and wiggle and look unsteady and ungraceful and who the hell wants to look like that?  Rolling eyes, deep sighs, grumbling.  You know what I’m talking about.  These are possibly the things we do that have more connection to your injury-prevention, wellness,  longevity and better movement/biomechanics than anything else.  There also has to be some homework going on if you really struggle with flexibility.  Put some blinders on.  Every time you come in, ignore your fascinating trainer, your thrilling co-CrossFitters and get down to business.  Stretch.  Work it.  Fix it.  Most of you hang around  for a couple minutes before class begins.  Get to work on those shoulders and wrists.  Do not prioritize strength or speed over proper biomechanics and good movement.

The photo is of Scott, taking the time to use a prop so that he can front squat correctly even though his wrist mobility is limited.  This was not fun for Scott.  It was not easy.  But he did not prioritize getting as heavy as possible any old way.  So, know we now Scott is the best kind of focused, patient, determined CrossFitter.  Raymond used the ropes too.  Very nice work you guys.

You all should check out Kate’s blogspot.  If you aren’t in Kate’s class and miss her, you can totally feel like she is right there with you when you read her blog.  She has some really good thoughts for her athletes, this time on goal setting.  Sign up to be one of Kate’s followers.  To be someone’s follower on their blog you have to set yourself up a little profile on  Free and very easy.

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2 comments to Front Squat Wrist Pain? Fix it.

  • Nikki Charns

    Thanks for the warm welcome back today everyone! So good to get to work out with all my pals!! :)

  • Ellie

    I don’t think I could count on one hand the number of times Jen has put in writing hw important flexibilty is. I can’t wait til it warms up again so we can start hot yoga again.

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