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Justine gets the Power Clean, and other great moments of the week

It seems like every day this week there was something inspiring and exciting at CrossFit Works.  I was hopping up and down grinning like crazy watching Justine do her power cleans yesterday.  The funny thing was that when we were warming up she just didn’t get it.  Her crew tried to show her and explain it, but it was not happening.  We don’t let that deter us, so we loaded up her barbell and said “3…2…1…GO” anyway and by the second round of her workout Justine’s hang power cleans were nearly picture perfect!  Justine is cool anyway because she doesn’t care if she is the only Girl.  I like your style Justine.

Then we have Ayanna, Squat Queen.  Back squatted 190 for a single this week!!

Back half of the 6am lineup.  Who doesn’t love the jumping pullup?

We had zillions of PRs on the back squat.  Turns out Liz C. actually finished the deadlift ladder before any of the men.  We have Zim, keeping the daily Food Log for me.  Radically good idea.  Carri and Steven have taken the brave plunge to join the 6pm evening class, where they received a warm, supportive reception.  I know…who would’ve guessed the 6pm could be warm?  Ruben manages to finish his metabolical conditioning workouts in whatever time I tell him to, Midori and Professor Steve have managed to create the Haessler-Snyder crossfit dynasty with their whole entire family doing crossfit and Philip gave up Frosted Mini Wheats in exchange for hard boiled eggs.  What more could really happen in a week?

I hope all of you you also put on your calendars that our Wildcat sweethearts, the University of Arizona IceCats will be playing ASU the weekend of Feb 26.  Many of you have trained alongside Jordan and Jared.  I love hockey and I love crossfitting hockey players the best, although I don’t love the shoulder injuries they come with…  Last year, I took my kids to see Jordan and crew play ASU and it was an important life lesson.  Every young boy should witness “the hockey fan”.  Wear your beer-spill-proof clothes.  My family will absolutely be there to watch the Icecats play ASU.  Join us.

Finally, another of my favorite paleo dessert sources, the folks at RawMazing.  I especially love the fact that there is such a synergistic relationship between the desserts created by the folks who are the antithesis of Paleo-eating crossfitters, the Vegan Raw Foodists, and all of us meat-eating weightlifters.  What is better than plenty of meat followed up by some raw, paleo desserts?  Not much.  Click on the link under the photo for the recipe.

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1 comment to Justine gets the Power Clean, and other great moments of the week

  • Shannon

    Turns out I may just be going to that game!!! Sweet and ALL these sweets you are posting are giving me cravings!!!!

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