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Coming Together

Ahhhh!  Back in the world of technology.  Quick notes: don’t forget about mobility, Wed nights 5:30-6:30pm and please take note that for the next six weeks the front Barbell Club area will be very full from 6-7:30 on Mon and Wed nights with Raw Strength.  We have a big group.

Thanks for the super-artistic photos January!

Our new gym is shaping up so beautifully.  What with all the fancy TV ads for CrossFit, and the fancy CrossFit gyms opening up, it is with real satisfaction that we put together a Roots-type, original CrossFit, Garage gym.  Heavy hard work under extremely knowledgeable eyes is what we are all about.  I personally believe that as soon as you begin changing the vibe, you change the approach, you change the clients and you change the results.  One man challenged us recently with the notion that he could have access to the VIP lounge at a nearby corporate gym, so why should he train with us?  Obviously, he shouldn’t, because as the owner of this gym, I don’t even know what you DO in a gym’s VIP lounge, so we don’t have one.  We will have a loft upstairs so you can watch your fellow trainees from the top down though.

The push-pull last weekend was a lot of fun.  Thanks to Shawn Bellon, MHP rep, for judging.  Thanks to Martin and James for loading and spotting and Sam S. and Jen B. for the table-work.  We had delicious food, a beautiful cake in memory of one of Gary’s friends and former lifting partners, and saw some great lifts.  Christian put up some great numbers, 550lb bench, I think, and a 625 deadlift.  We saw Renee L. pull a 315 deadlift and a fantastic bench from Lisa Mendoza.  We were also joined by a couple of Tucson’s strongest guys and it was excellent fun to see them lift so effortlessly.  Aaron C. was in the house and he will be hosting a Grip Strength event in our gym, this Saturday.  All our normal Saturday Open Gym and 11:30 workout stuff will happen as planned, but come check out the Grip Strength event too.  More information at AZ-Grip.

This week is the penultimate 2012 Reebok Open Sectional CrossFit Games workout.  Our team is remaining consistent in their excellent performances with perfection in adhering to the movement standards.  Most of them will take on the workout this Friday evening at 5:45pm, however Chris G., Renee L., Liz B. and Sam S. will be on their way to Fullerton, CA for the USA Weightlifting Collegiate National qualifying meet.  Wish them the best of luck.  We wish Chris good luck too as we all know that traveling to a weight lifting meet with three nervous young women might come with an inherent set of challenges all its own!!  Don’t worry Girls…he can be Team Mom, and weight lifting coach simultaneously, I promise.  It is with absolute joy that I watch, and sometimes participate in, the amazing development of these three young women athletes.  This week especially has seen them find really solid ground to approach this Meet.  Louisiana here you come!!!

This Crew of spectacular breakdancers also happens to be IT when it comes to moving a gym.  Much thanks from all your admirers at CrossFit Works!
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2 comments to Coming Together

  • Shannon

    Great Photos and effects!

  • Shannon

    I’m so out of the TV loop, but have been learning more about all the TV ads and the affiliation between Reebok and CF. It’s wild. I know I’ve been out of the CF loops for a while, so this is seriously like crazy wild mainstream stuff now. I was doing some research just recently about CF in France and found a few small ‘boxes’, but then stumbled onto Rebook Louvre Crossfit! Enormous globo type place. Like this commercial:

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