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All Women CrossFit Switches Days…

Due to repeated requests from the Grrrrls, the All Women class will now be on Wednesday instead of Tuesday, so the All Women Class will be a Mon, Wed, Thur schedule, still 4-5pm.  No more Tuesdays.  Any post mentioning the All Women’s class should feature a cool fit woman, don’t you think?

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Krista Scott-Dixon, creator of

Ms Dixon is the author of one of my top five favorite fitness blogs and THE BEST regarding women and fitness.  She recently wrote a great post on her blog inspired by her speaking gig at a Paleo conference. I hope you check it out, right here. Here is a little excerpt form it to get you wondering.

“All are welcome in this house that strength built.

I mean the strength that moves the barbell and the strength that tries to move the bar and the strength that gets you to go near the bar in the first place when you are bowel-loosening scairt and intimidated as shit in that small grimy weight room full of grunting furry manpeople who smell like cheese and wet dog and old sweaty leather.

I mean the strength of putting one foot in front of the other. Or simply standing still when the winds of life are shoving you backwards like a schoolyard bully.

I mean the strength that sometimes looks like madness. The strength that sometimes looks like baby-weakness. The strength that is a tiny nugget of steel inside you. The strength that is compassion big enough to cuddle the world… even if you don’t yet know it is there, and certainly cannot yet turn it on yourself. The strength that 2 million years of evolution have given you, in your standard-issue package of human DNA.

I mean the strength of getting up off the floor and trying again. I mean the strength of having a good cry in the fetal position, drowning yourself in slithery snot and shame, and then uncurling, wiping your nose, and getting on with it.

Here, we do not build altars to shamed starvation; to the stimulant-addled; the sodium-depleted; the surgically caricatured and Photoshop-glazed puff pastries that pass for images of “fitness”.

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