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Lumberjack 20

Thank you so much to everyone who came yesterday and participated in our Fort Hood Memorial Fundraising Workout.  The “Lumberjack 20″ was not easy.  We had 16 people complete the workout as individuals.  Only 6 of them completed the workout as prescribed:

Jenny LaCoss  25:10

Summer 27:23

Mike Heinz 30:16

Chris Hardy 32:43

Tony Brown 39:03

Leonard Jefferson 49:43

As is often the case it was a Tucson Fire Fighter sweep for the top men’s and women’s spot.

But, all six of you are magnificent.  We had three of Tucson’s best garage CrossFitters join us-the entire Lisaanne family (some taking up supporting roles and two doing the workout) and Macenzy who was incredibly close to completing the workout as Rx’d, only dropping the Overhead Squat weight from 115 to 95.  He finished in just over 28 minutes.  Plus he is sweetly tolerant of me misspelling his name each time he comes in.

At 2:00 for our Free Saturday workout we had 22 pairs of folks complete the workout.  A huge shout out to them because several of them were new and this was their first ever kettlebell swing, deadlift and overhead squat!  They did a fantastic job.  No one broke down in tears at the chaos and million new skills and stack of 400m runs.  I think all of you have the makings of a solid CrossFitter!

We’ll have lots more photos soon.  Keep an eye on the gallery.  I am still knee deep in accounting, but I think we raised a little over $400.00 so far and that is without including the t-shirt sales etc…  Give us a few business days and you will be able to look at our donation page at and see our final amount from yesterday.  We will post another donation later in the month with the rest of the t-shirt sales.

Thankyou to Summer, Elijah and Daniel for helping with the backstage work of photography, equipment and stop watches and thanks again, everyone.

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8 comments to Lumberjack 20

  • Ellie

    It makes me to have missed that workout. I was seriously scared of it but determined to do it unfortunately school got in the way. Is there any chance it will come up again soon, as a crossfit works WOD? My attitude and capacity has gone up so much in the past weeks. I LOVE crossfit. I am done with my first semester of nursing school in 2 weeks and then I am off for a month. I will be in every day!!! Or at least pretty close to that.
    Good job guys. (and gals ;) )

  • Michael Heinz

    Man..I don’t know who that odd looking sweaty guy is..but that Lisanne chick gots some abs! Damn.

  • sherris

    This was a great workout! It was def. the hardest thing ive done to date (even scaled) but i cant think of doing anything for a better cause. I also was so proud of myself for making it through doing it individually. :)

  • dave

    No kidding Mike! When I grow up I want to be like

  • Jen

    Nothing would’ve stopped me from using that pic of Lisaanne. Ummm, 3 kids anyone? She is the best.

  • Summer

    That was a great workout and I don’t mind doing it again with Ellie. And not only do I want Lisaanne’s abs, but her belly button to bar pull ups are pretty awesome too!!

  • Marcy

    Holy cow – I have absolutely been baffled for the past 24 hours by Jenny’s time (and Summer’s, and Mike’s…ok you get the point). If I didn’t get to know her personally, I would have convinced myself that she cannot possibly be human. Amazing. Until I read this posting, I didn’t have any idea she even did the Lumberjack 20. I couldn’t tell by looking at her, meanwhile I could barely catch my breath for nearly an hour after, not to mention my bright red face! So, I have a lot to look forward to, particularly giving some of these Fire Fighters a run for their money, although sadly (for me) they have no reason to be intimidated….I admit, my competitive juices are flowing. Now that I can walk normally again after my first real week of Crossfit, I’m ready for more. :-)

  • Jenny

    Marcy, Thank you for the kind words. I have to give YOU props for doing the Lumberjack 20 for your second or third crossfit workout??!! Amazing. Keep in mind that I have been doing crossfit for almost two years. I can’t wait to see where your at in six months let alone two years! I think you might surprise yourself how well you’ll do. You already look great and come in with an athletic backround. It’s gonna be fun. Thanks Jen and Carl for putting it all on!

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