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CrossFit Works and the University of Arizona students

Took my kids to see the Icecats last night when they played ASU.  I had an alternative motive.  Jordan Schupan has been training with us a little for the last few months when he isn’t playing hockey.  He is the co-captain of the IceCats.  I like hockey except it makes me homesick, so off we went.  My kids first exposure to hockey…and hockey fans.  They loved it.  Unfortunately, the IceCats struggled against ASU, but any hockey in the Sonoran Desert is good.  Jordan made the vast majority of all the legitimate shots on goal (from my total subjective viewpoint) and was the assist for the goal that was scored.

(photo from Daily Wildcat, Oct 2009)

My kids and I had such a great time and in all seriousness we would never have gone if it wasn’t to see Jordan play which led me to realize how much our University of Arizona student presence means to me.  I am old, so during my first few years of life in Tucson the existence of the U of A didn’t mean much to me.  When I began to define in my mind my CrossFit community and how CrossFit Works would look and feel as part of Tucson’s strength and conditioning world I really didn’t think much about the University.  A handful of our early clients worked at the U of A as staff or faculty and I still never thought much about the students in relation to out CrossFit program.  I am so incredibly grateful that some of you came in the door and opened my eyes to what a fantastic addition to this CrossFit Affiliate the U of A students are!  For example, Courtney and Jacqueline came in today and helped me find some info on in the Daily Wildcat and then did the Saturday workout.  Thanks!

Some real highlights of our gym are our students like Jordan, CJ, Sam, Tom, Nick, Sherris, Liz, and Jessica and maybe-someone-whose-name-is-escaping-me-right-this-minute.  I enjoy having you in here so much.  Thanks for opening my eyes to a whole part of the Tucson community that is contributing immensely to our CrossFit Affiliate and to my enjoyment of the city of Tucson.  It will be quiet in here for a few weeks while you are all home on break.  Be safe.  Rest.  Have a great holiday season and we will see you in January.

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